The Cook Islands Audit Office current staff list is a diverse mix of skills, qualifications, nationalities and expertise. Our diversity contributes to ensuring a friendly and professional working environment for all employees:

Allen Parker Director
Desmond Wildin Audit Advisor
Anne McMahon PA/Manager - Corporate Services
Margret Numanga Audit Manager - Ministries
Michael Ponga Audit Manager - Crown
Mere Waqanicagica Audit Manager - Special Reviews & Investigations
Administration & Support Services   
Mataina Ngatae Receptionist
Ministry & Crown Financial Audit  
Ana Vakalua Audit Supervisor
Ani Matenga Audit Supervisor
Allanah Edgar-Herman Auditor
April Rosales Auditor
Nanise Teulilo Auditor
Ruci Elate Auditor
Teokotai Roberts Auditor
Special Reviews & Investigations   
Maria Taripo Auditor/Investigator
Mataora Mataora Auditor/Investigator
Tracy Cheer Auditor/Investigator